Wheel Stud Conversion Completed

stud conversion front
conversion studs and new lugs
Bye-Bye bolts!

Anyone who has had the pleasure of putting wheels back onto a Mini will appreciate the wheel stud conversion I finally completed. I bought the conversion kit and a 20mm rear spacer kit from ECS Tuning.

I hated taking off my rims because it is such a pain in the but to get them back on with the Mini bolts. Having wheels spacers was worse because without a doubt the spacer would rotate and block the hole.

After sorting that out, trying to lift a 20lb wheel with one hand and trying to get a bolt screwed in enough to support the wheel with the other was just too much of a PITA!.



It is a pretty simple kit. The parts I used were as follows:

  • 82mm studs x20 for the rears
  • 75mm studs x20 for the fronts
  • Red Loctite (permanent, so don’t cross thread!)
  • Open ended lugs from 321 Performance
  • 20mm rear spacers
Wheels conversion complete
Rear w/ 82mm studs and 20mm spacer

wheel conversion kitThe install was as you would expect, Loctite the ends of the studs, screw in until they stop then torque to 15ftlbs and repeat four more times.

I decided to go with the open-ended lugs because I really didn’t want a huge threaded stud sticking out of the rims. As you can see in the picture, the lugs are long and completely covered up the threads.

Total install time was probably 2 hours. It is so easy to put the wheels back on now. They hang on the studs and aren’t going anywhere! …… just like the setup on the Mini UK Challenge cars.

Race ready!