Ultra Racing Strut Bar Installed

I’m a big fan of mods that I can do in under 10 minutes, especially in Minnesota winter!

I had a few minutes so I installed my strut bar that I’ve had for a few weeks. Usually, I’m not a fan of companies that I don’t have any experience with, but I really liked the strut bar I bought from Ultra Racing USA.

The first thing that impressed me was the construction of the bar. It is basically one piece with some nice looking welds connecting the mounting plates. Also, the price was pretty awesome, 50% cheaper than the “known” names.

Very impressive looking welds

If the whole idea of the bar is to stop the struts from flexing, then why would you want a two or three piece strut bar like the big names offer? A multi-piece brace is going to flex, one solid piece isn’t, simple as that. It doesn’t make any sense to compromise the strength of a bar by making it two pieces, especially if it is supposed to stop flexing. 

It’s always debatable if these bars work or if it’s more of a display mod, but if it stops any kind of flexing then it is a great mod. If not, then it looks good when I open the hood.