The Big Pair

I wanted to buy myself a Christmas present (like I actually need an excuse to buy a car related item) and was torn between The Big Pair chassis brace from Cravenspeed or a strut tower brace.

The Big Pair!


My goal was to stiffen the Mini, coming from all-wheel drive cars not having power in the back really made my Mini feel like it is loose especially on fast sweeping turns.

I decided to go with the Big Pair because it looked just like what I needed to stiffen the chassis. I know a lot of people use strut tower braces but I always felt like those were more of a showpiece than a functional piece. 

Immediately as soon as I opened the box with the Big Pair I was amazed. They are extremely stout pieces of aluminum! The pictures online don’t do these justice. For a minute I thought I got the wrong parts because they were so big. 

Installation was very easy. The instructions didn’t have the size of the socket and Torx bit I needed so it took a few trial and errors to find the right tools. The smaller brace needs an 18mm socket. The big brace needs a T45 (not a 40 like the instructions say) Torx bit. You use the original hardware so basically unscrew, replace, screw back and done.

Putting the original brace next to the Big Pair brace and you can truly appreciate how awesome these parts are. It’s almost laughable that Mini would outfit the cars with those flimsy braces. I knew they were thin but never realized it until I had them in my hand. They were thinner than my iPhone!

I’m very happy I decided to go with The Big Pair over a tower brace. I know these will accomplish what I wanted for my Mini. Granted since its winter I won’t really be able to test the lack of flex until the snow melts but I know it will stiffen the ride.