Wishlist For Spring

As the thermometer reads -22, I hope winter will end soon. That got me thinking about my Springtime wishlist for mods to my Mini. I have many different directions on which way to go; handling, exhaust, power, appearance etc… Needless to say, it’s a big wishlist!

Some mods will be replacements to existing mods I already have so I need to rank these in order importance. It is hard because they are all important!

Wishlist and Rationale

  • Catless downpipe – Done 2/2/18 – I was looking at the or catless downpipe because that is the only exhaust piece limiting power. The stock downpipe makes a really harsh 90-degree bend and then Mini throws a catalytic converter on there to slow airflow even more. The only drawback is that my Mini will be loud. I took the JCW resonator out this spring.

  • 17″ Rims and Wheels – I love the Team Dynamics and they look incredible on the Mini Challenge UK cars. Since that is the look I’m going for I really want these rims. I upgraded my rims last year but they are only 16″ with the hard, stock Hankook run-flats. They are like riding on a brick. If I don’t get new rims, then new tires for sure.

  • Aftermarket Rear Spoiler – Done 3/23/18 – I love the look of the aftermarket wing (photo). This is on my wishlist for sure. I thought about the UK Challenge wings but they are huge!
  • Race Seats – I would love to get seats with bigger side bolsters, not because I track my Mini but because I do slide around a lot on the stock leather seats. Losing a seat heater is tough though. I do know makes seats with a seat heating element so that might just do it for me.

  • Rear Seat Delete  – Done 4/17/18 – I think I’ve had my back seats up two times so far. I always have them down and usually only have a passenger in the car from time to time so taking these out and saving weight might just happen. The problem is, there isn’t a seat kit yet but one is in the works. This mod might happen later in the year.
  • Roll Cage – I don’t know why I want a roll but I do, and always have. Of course, the two items above this have to happen first.
  • Big Brake Kit – Brembos, Willwood’s or JCW branded Brembos, I don’t really care. I think big brakes and rotors look awesome on cars. For this mod to happen, I’d need to get two sets of 17in wheels, one for summer and one for winter. Then I’d have to get new winter tires. This could be expensive.

There is my wishlist like I said, I could go in a lot of different directions. Getting the Byte Tronik flash really solved all the power desires I had so now I can focus on other mods this Spring.

……. If it ever gets here.


Spring Wishlist
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Spring Wishlist
As the snow is falling, I am thinking about my mod wishlist for the upcoming Spring and Summer. I have a several directions and ideas so I just need to rank them in order of importance.
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