Rennline Pedals

Rennline Pedals

I’ve had my eye on the Rennline pedal set for some time now. The pedal set is designed to raise the accelerator pedal up so it is parallel to the brake and clutch pedal, making heel/toe shifting easier.

Rennline Pedal set

I am not saying I’m going to be racing anytime soon and need to Heel/Toe but it is something I do try from time to time and it was impossible with the stock pedal setup. The accelerator pedal was way too far back, making it impossible to hit the brake pedal.

Rennline offers several different options to make heel/toe shifting easier.

My Rennline Pedal Setup:

  • Rennline 4-Piece Pedal Set
  • Heel/Toe Throttle Extension
  • Adjustable Lifter Plate
  • Stock Mini Accelerator Pedal

Installation was very easy since I bought it used, the hard work of mounting the lifter plate and extension was already done! Having that extra accelerator pedal was huge. All I needed to do was swap the pedals out. Getting to the clip on the side was tough but after that, the assembly came out with one bolt.

It was late in the night so I didn’t really mess with adjusting the height but I do need to lift the pedal a little more. It is still behind the brake pedal but not nearly as much as the OEM setup.

All that was left was mounting the plates on the brake and clutch pedal. That process was simple, just drill two 3/16th” holes in each pedal and screw them down.

Surprisingly, the clutch pedal, which is kind of important, was plastic! It took a second to register what I was looking at but yep, plastic. You would like all the pedals would be metal, nope.

Thankfully the brake pedal was metal. Could you imagine if that snapped off! Lovely.

As a result of having the accelerator pedal already setup, the whole installation took about 30mins. I love those kinds of mods.

I’ve driven a few times since installation and I love the setup! The extension wings make it so easy to roll my foot off the brake and still hit the gas. I can’t wait to get out to a track day in the summer to really try this out.

For the time being, it’s heel/toe practice on my daily commute!