Remus Sport Exhaust

Ever since I created my Frankenstein exhaust setup, I never liked how it sounded. I knew I didn’t want any catalytic converters or resonators impeding air flow, but I just could get past how bad the exhaust sounded, especially around the 4-5k RPM mark. Enter the Remus Sport Exhaust!

I knew how incredible the Remus systems were from my motorcycle days and always wanted their system on my Mini. I couldn’t pass up an offer I found online for the Sport system with remote valve controller and carbon fiber tips. It was one of those “I just gotta do it” purchases. I am so happy I did.

I hated how my Mini sounded when I got the 4k RPM. It reminded me of the riced out Hondas that litter the streets. The lack of a resonator really caused the sound waves to sound horrible. I never realized how loud my JCW exhaust was until I got my Remus system installed.

When I started my Mini up after the install was done I knew this was the system for me. Even with the valve closed the Remus system sounded better than my old JCW system with the valve open. Opening the Remus valve 100% and hitting the gas just blew me away. The sound was amazing. It wasn’t raspy like my old setup.

First part with valve closed, second engine rev the valve is open 100%


Now, the true test, accelerating to the 4K mark. After I hit the accelerator and got to 4K in 3rd gear, usually by this time with the old system I was taking my foot off the pedal because the sound was embarrassing. Getting past the 4500 RPM mark and not getting that rattle can tone caused me to smile. There was a small rasp around 5k RPM but I can live with that. It is a very rare occasion that I am ever up that high and haven’t shifted.

Another big issue I had with my JCW setup was their Bluetooth remote to open and close the exhaust valve. It never stayed open! I would be driving and all of a sudden the valve would just close. Several web pages and forums all had their theories as to why the valves just closed but there was never a definite answer. I disabled the valve to keep it open all the time but sometimes, especially in rush hour traffic, I wanted the valve closed but couldn’t do it because it was disconnected.

Mini should learn from Remus, their actuation system just works. Best part, it remembers the setting when you shut the car off. I keep the valve open 99% of the time and can close it when I need to via the remote.

Remus Valve Remote Settings

  • Button A – Valve completely closed
  • Button B – Valve open 100%
  • Button C – Valve open 10%
  • Button D – Valve open 50%

The 10% opening is perfect for rush hour traffic. You still get great sound but not as many pops and bangs every second as you do with the valve open 100%

To top it off, I went with the carbon tips. It just looks AMAZING. The JCW setup comes with chrome tips but they were starting to tarnish and I was getting tired of cleaning them off every time I washed my car. Not anymore!

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this system. Making a purchase based on YouTube sounds clips is tough, but I am so glad I did. It just works!