Rear Spoiler Install

I was never a fan of the stock spoiler that came on my Mini. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of options for aftermarket spoilers out there. I really wanted something that looked like last years spoilers on the Mini UK Challenge cars. I finally found one on eBay of all places. As much as I hate eBay though.

It’s no secret that the Mini UK Challenge cars are my motivation for modifications to my Mini. I was bummed when they changed the rear spoiler this year to more of a traditional looking spoiler.

I call the version I have the GP version because it resembles the style on the GP cars Mini releases from time to time.

Multiple internet searches never gave me the wing style I liked so I was about to give up hope and just live with the stock spoiler. I dont even remember how I found a picture of a wing that led me to eBay but low and behold, eBay had the wing I wanted!

I’m not a huge fan of buying car parts on eBay but what the heck, I really want that wing so I pulled the trigger and bought it.

It arrived from California in great shape surprisingly, so that was awesome. It was a two-part wing with the top part carbon fiber and the base fiberglass. I decided to let the professionals paint the base and it turned out great.

Installation was a little tricky just because it took two people, one to hold the wing and one to screw in screws, but other than that, Im thrilled with how it looks.

Low and behold, eBay had the wing I wanted!