Rear Seat Delete Kit

Since I bought my Mini, I think I’ve had people in the back seat twice in two years. My seats were always down and my golf clubs were always in the car. I found a rear seat delete kit and decided this was the way to go, get rid of some weight and seats!

The rear seat delete kit was from Sneed4Speed and is a very simple kit. Basically, it is a plastic piece cut out and shaped for the area where the seats went. This kit takes into consideration two tabs that are used to lock the front part of the seat down and also has the option to install a roll cage later because of the rear cutouts.

How To Install The Rear Seat Delete Panel

(Thanks hadjiikong on NAM for the install tips)
  1. Pull up on the front part of the rear seat. The part where you sit is basically a big foam piece held town by two pins
  2. Fold the rear seats down and get a screwdriver to pop up the black cover between the seats. Be careful and don’t pull it up because it will break. It is attached to the front and backside of the metal piece.
  3. Unscrew the 8mm bolt under the cover and remove the seat clamps.
  4. Rotate both seats until they come out. They only come out one way so it takes a little bit of patience to line up the holes to get the seat out.
  5. Install the rear seat delete panel. Use the metal clamp to line the back of the panel up and then press down …… that’s it!

Two optional steps I choose to add to my install.

  • The rear seats kept a lot of noise down so I added Dynamat to the area where the seats were to reduce the cabin noise.

  • I bought some black auto interior carpet from Amazon and color matched the carpet in my Mini

The best part about taking out the back seats, not having to worry about taking passengers!