Quiet Once Again

I can finally say that the jet engine is out of my car. I like jets, I like engines, I don’t like my Mini sounding like a jet engine though!

I recently had an awesome Milltek catless downpipe installed (read about it here) and needless to say, my Mini sounded like a jet engine when I started it up. It’s hard to describe it but it was embarrassingly loud to the point where I was considering putting the stock downpipe in.

No matter what I tried I couldn’t get the explosion at startup to go away.

I tried plugging my blue tooth back in for my JCW exhaust and closing it when I started it up. That helped but that blue tooth system is so buggy the flap never stayed open. During one drive, I opened the valve 6 times for a 10-mile drive home. Screw that. Unplugged it and the jet engine was back.

Another option I tried to quiet the car down was to put about 1% pressure on the gas pedal and start my Mini up. That would kick the RPMs past 1000 where the sound was dramatically lower. This worked but it was a pain to remember to do it every time.

Thankfully, the awesome guys at Byte Tronik saved my day and ears. One email to Mike asking what I can do to quiet the car down and within a few hours, I had a new configuration file to try.

I flashed it into my car like I this their Stage 1 tune, crossed my fingers and started the car …….. quiet!!!!!!! I wanted to cry. I started my Mini up at least 15 times, each time, QUIET!!!!!!!!

Mini has a catalytic warming cycle that does as it says, warms the car up at startup. That was causing the noise. Since I don’t have a catalytic converter, that was coded out with that configuration file.

The BT guys are geniuses when it comes to tuning. I have nothing but confidence in them and their product. I am so happy I went with their tune over the other systems out there.

If you get a Byte Tronik tune, get these coded out when you request your flash:

  • CEL removed for not having a catalytic converter
  • Decat and Catalytic warming cycle removed


Do this and your ears will thank you along with the neighbors!