Powerflex Engine Support Bushing Install

You never realize how much of a difference stiffer bushings make until you change them. Having replaced a few bushings in other cars I’ve had and really liked the results. I haven’t changed any in my Mini yet and after reading about the Powerflex engine support bushing and the benefits I decided to make that my first replacement bushing.
Everything online made the install seem ……. seem pretty simple. Just take out the stock bushing and push in the new Powerflex engine support bushing in. Well, after about 45 minutes I realized the instructions lied. 
Man, the stock bushing is really in there. There were a few holes so I could get a screwdriver in and pull out a side but 75% of it wasn’t moving. I tried WD-40, PB Blaster, and good old-fashioned muscle. Finally, after close to giving up hope, I got the stock bushing out! 
After I got it out I could see why I was only getting one side out at a time, it’s virtually hollow. No wonder it flexes so much. There really isn’t anything in the middle.
Side by side, you can really see how much nice the Powerflex engine support bushing is, it’s basically a solid piece of material. The weight difference is impressive too.
Stock vs PowerFlex
Installing the new bushing was rather easy. You just cover the bushing with the supplied grease and push both sides in. I used a small floor jack to push the support up so I could push the engine forward to reinstall the 11mm bolt. I also put in the optional black piece to add a little more stiffness. 
After everything was put back together I took my Mini for a drive. There is a little more vibration in the steering wheel, probably due to the black insert, but it’s extremely minor. The shifting felt a little crisper which was what I was looking for. 
I’ll take it on a longer road test, but initially, the shifting is very nice. Given how stiff the bushing is, engine movement is minimal now with this new Powerflex engine support bushing.