Eventuri Intake System

I love my Mini, there is no question about that but there is one thing that bugs me about it, a non-functioning hood scoop. Eventuri, a UK based company, solved that problem with their intake system and functioning hood scoop! Coming from the Subaru world, the hood scoop was everything. Other than a front mount […]

Sparco Chrono Road Seats

With winter just around the corner, I knew my timeline to get my last planned mod done was coming on fast. Like a kid, I saved all my golf course tip money and bought new Sparco Chrono Road seats, mounting brackets and sliders! You can never go wrong with new seats! I always loved Sparco seats and […]

Rear Seat Delete Kit

Since I bought my Mini, I think I’ve had people in the back seat twice in two years. My seats were always down and my golf clubs were always in the car. I found a rear seat delete kit and decided this was the way to go, get rid of some weight and seats! The […]

Remus Sport Exhaust

Ever since I created my Frankenstein exhaust setup, I never liked how it sounded. I knew I didn’t want any catalytic converters or resonators impeding air flow, but I just could get past how bad the exhaust sounded, especially around the 4-5k RPM mark. Enter the Remus Sport Exhaust! I knew how incredible the Remus systems were from my […]

Byte Tronik Rearview Mirror Camera

We all know Byte Tronik is being some of the best ecu flashable tunes out there, so I was very excited when they reached out and asked me if I’d be interested in testing their new rearview mirror camera. The initial pictures were pretty awesome, the camera basically mounted on the rearview mirror with a modified […]

Rear Spoiler Install

I was never a fan of the stock spoiler that came on my Mini. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of options for aftermarket spoilers out there. I really wanted something that looked like last years spoilers on the Mini UK Challenge cars. I finally found one on eBay of all places. As much as I […]

Forge Intercooler

Its no secret, if you want to go faster its air in and air out. With turbos, it is also vital to get cold air into the engine to go fast. Installing the huge intercooler from Forge will do just that! I have known for a while that adding additional power will cause heat and […]

Quiet Once Again

I can finally say that the jet engine is out of my car. I like jets, I like engines, I don’t like my Mini sounding like a jet engine though! I recently had an awesome Milltek catless downpipe installed (read about it here) and needless to say, my Mini sounded like a jet engine when I […]