New Steering Wheel Installed

New Steering Wheel

The Mini Challenge cars have always been the blueprint for my mods and how I want my Mini to look. My new steering wheel from Control Custom Steering Wheel has me one step closer!

Control Customs Steering Wheel

I can honestly say I never had an issue with the steering wheel but I saw the flat-bottom wheel on a Facebook post and I had to have it.

Control Customs is based out of England and said the whole process would take eight weeks. It was eight weeks exactly and I had the new wheel in my hand.

The wheel I went with was a full Alcantara wrapped wheel with a yellow center guide. I could have gone half carbon, full carbon or any other combination but I wanted the Challenge car style and look.

New Steering Wheel

Steps To Install The New Steering Wheel:

  • Unplug the battery. There are a few steps to get to the positive terminal so take your time.
  • On the back side of the wheels there are three small holes, get a 4mm Allen key and push in to disengage the airbag. You can see the clips in the picture.

New wheel without airbag

  • The center bolt is a 16mm head so unscrew that and disconnect the airbag and horn wires. These are the only two wires in there.
  • If you have the thumb controls as I do, get a 20 Torx bit and unscrew the left and right side controls on the back of the wheel.
  • Swap the controls over to the new wheel the same way you took them off
  • Center the new steering wheel onto the steering shaft and screw the bolt back in
  • Connect the horn and airbag
  • Press the airbag back down onto the three clamps
  • Reconnect the battery and you are DONE!

Its a very easy install and unlike most Mini-mods, there is no coding involved!