New Mini Owner

After owning 5 Subarus, (three WRX’s and two STi’s) I made a little bit of a change in going with a Mini Cooper.

There was no more excitement with Subaru. I did pretty much everything to them as I could, topping my 2011 STi at 450hp. Time for a change.

Being a WRC fan I was intrigued by the Mini and after seeing it as a rally car really made me want one. After my first test drive, I was sold!

Furthermore, the Mini WRC car is a Clubman but that is way too big. Mini’s need to be small and factory Clubman are bigger than an SUV, no thanks.

Misconceptions with the Mini are that it is too small to put anything in. That simply isn’t true. I got a road bike, cross-country skies, and golf clubs in there. All at the same time!

Enter my 2016 Cooper S Hardtop (F56). I love the power, handling, and the size. I got it with the John Cooper Works performance kit and exhaust. This bumps my Mini’s power to 208hp. Being such a little car, this thing flies! I’m surprised actually!

I know there is a lot of hidden power that the factory bottles up. Once I get the supporting mods to unlock this car, I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot more fun.

Hitting the button to open up the exhaust makes me smile every time I do it. The exhaust turns into a straight flow exhaust and sounds incredible!

With the Sport mode engaged and the exhaust opened up, this car is awesome. Mods will come for sure!

So far the only gripe I have is the sport mode and Bluetooth button. Why do I need to press that every time I start the car up. Why can’t it just be engaged all the time. Being so late to the game, I know there is an answer out there.

The only time it will look stock!