Milltek Catless Downpipe

I love Milltek products and I knew which downpipe I wanted to install to finish my stage one build; the Milltek catless downpipe. With the downpipe installed I am officially cat free. My midpipe is a Milltek catless/resonator free midpipe as well.

It is ridiculous how big the stock downpipe is from Mini. Pair that with the 90 degree bend the air is forced to make and it surprising that any air gets through the catatlyic converter. The Milltek downpipe I had installed eliminated the cat and opens up the bend a lot more to promote more air flow.

My biggest concern was the sound it would make. Not having a resonator in the midpipe could make the sounds very loud. you can definitely tell there is a sound increase but it isn’t as loud as some reviews I’ve read.

A lot of the “very loud” complains came from people with aftermarket exhausts like a Remus or similar brands. I have the Frankenstein exhaust build so I still have the factory JCW muffler with the flap open permanently.

The exhaust note is louder, there is no denying that, so I will experiment with the flap closed to see if it deadens some of the noise if people complain. Personally, I don’t have an issue with it but I could see some of my neighbors complaining, especially when I start it up at 4:30am to go to the gym.

I had Imola Motorsports do the works for me and in less than 4 hours I had my baby back! They did tease me a bit by posting an install picture on Instagram. I felt like I was an expecting parent waiting to get the call that it was done.

Mid install picture

My Stage One Build

  • Byte Tronik Stage 1 Tune
  • John Cooper Works Exhaust
  • Forge Motorsports Induction System
  • Milltek Catless/Resonator Free Midpipe
  • Milltek Catless Downpipe
  • NGK One Step Colder Spark Plugs