Let’s Code Some Stuff

Because I have this horrible addiction to always tinker with my Mini I ventured into the world of ECU coding. I resisted for a while because I really didn’t have the time to learn something new. Coding the ECU isn’t something to just rush through so I wanted to do my due diligence in learning before I screwed something up big time!

There was one thing I wanted to happen, have my Mini on “Sport” mode all the time. I know it took a second to flip the mode switch but I shouldn’t have to do that. Thanks to coding, I don’t!

Enter the BimmerCode app. This app, along with an inexpensive OBDII wifi dongle, took all the guesswork out of coding. Its basically laid out in the app and you select what you want to be coded. It couldn’t be easier!

Here is what I have coded on my Mini so far:

  • Seatbelt reminder chimes disable for driver and passenger
  • Seatbelt disconnected reminder chime disable for driver and passenger
  • Turn off radio when opening drivers door (No need to press ignition twice)
  • Recall last drive mode – SPORT!!!!!
  • Allow Sport Mode to be recalled on power on – YES!!!!
  • Front windows roll up with door open
  • Rear fog lights coded to work with brake lights

More to come!!