How To Keep Your F56 JCW Tuning Kit Always On

My normal routine every time I started up my Mini was this; turn the car on, turn on my radar detector, switch the mode to Sport and finally press the Bluetooth activator button to open my John Cooper Works tuning exhaust kit on. 

It is great to hear the exhaust open up when that button is pressed. My Mini sounds mean and I love how it sounds once that button opens the valve up. Mini “says” that the track mode is only supposed to be used for the track, not normal daily driving ……… rightttttttttt.

I along with other Mini drivers who have this setup have in one way or another experienced the exhaust valve randomly closing during drives. Mini doesn’t know what causes it and theories have blamed the Apple Watch to rush hour traffic interference causing the valve to close. 

I always wished there was a way to just keep that exhaust on without having to press the Bluetooth button or getting a whole new exhaust. Searching the internet I found the solution I was looking for, and it takes 2 seconds to accomplish.

To keep your JCW valve permanently “on” follow these simple steps:

  1. Start your Mini and leave it on the whole time.
  2. Open the JCW valve on by pressing the Bluetooth remote 2x
  3. With the car on and valve activated, open the rear access panel located on the passenger side of the trunk

  4. Locate the exhaust control module
  5. Simply unplug the wiring harness
  6. Close the hatch and your exhaust will always be in track mode! It won’t matter how many times you start your Mini up!
  7. Go for a drive and enjoy your Mini the way it should be enjoyed!