Ultra Racing Front Member Brace Install

I’m never a fan of winter mods, especially a “warm” -3 in Minneapolis, but since I had the day off for Christmas I figured I can get this Ultra Racing front member brace install done before I died of hyperthermia.

I never heard of Ultra Racing before, but next thing you know, I’m installing my second brace from them. This time it was the front member brace. Install was simple, jack the car up, 2 bolts, install, bolt back up, and lower car. Total time was probably 25mins.

Like the strut bar, I installed last week, if this bar adds 1% more stiffness then I consider it a success. It bolts right up to the trailing arms so in theory it “should” provide a little more lateral stiffness. 

There are two more braces Ultra Racing offers so I might get them as well. I want the stiffest handling car possible so anything that will stop or reduce lateral flex is a great mod for me.

I’ll wait until spring though.