Forge Short Shifter

Forge Short Shifter

Forge Short Shifter

I have the perfect shifter setup! My latest install was the Forge short shifter, and unlike a traditional short shifter, this replaces the shift linkage in the engine bay. This short shifter paired with my CravenSpeed adjustable setup is just amazing.

Forge LogoThis shifter was a relatively “easy” install compared to some of the other mods I have done to my Mini. With that being said, you need a pulling tool!

The instructions suggested a pulling tool and I didn’t think anything of it until I had to pull the stock linkage out. My lord that thing was on there! There is no way you can get the stock piece off by hand. I don’t drive my car in the winter so there wasn’t any corrosion but still, I couldn’t get the piece off. I even tried WD40 and PB Blaster ……. nope!

Pulling tool

I bought a tool from my local hardware store and that was the missing piece I needed. A few turns and the stock shift linkage came right out.

Stock linkage
Stock shift linkage removed

With the stock linkage out, all was left was to install the new shifter and connect the shift cable.

Initially, I thought I wanted the shortest throw possible, however, after a few shifts in my garage, it was too short. Everything felt like it was binding up and was hard to get in gear.

I adjusted the slider and had it in the middle of the new shifter and it was a drastic improvement.

Forge short shifter

I’m amazed at how much this reduced my throws. The shift knob barely goes outside the perimeter of the shift well. I totally believe Forge’s claim of reducing shift travel by 40%. I now have the perfect setup!

In conclusion, to sum up:

You Need A Pulling Tool!!!!!