Forge Motorsports Intake

  It’s always debatable if cold air intakes work or not. The stock airbox system is a very efficient setup. I had the same thought with installing an intake system as I did with the various support braces I’ve installed lately if it gives me even a 1-2% increase in power, then its worth it.

I have always been a big fan of the Forge systems and since they are a big sponsor of the Mini UK Challenge series, it was a no-brainer on what system to install. 

Out of the box, the kit looks great. Forge has a very well designed system and like most kits its pretty easy to install. A few screws, bolts, taking out stock pieces, installing new pieces and you are done. 

The purpose of a cold air intake is to get cold air into the engine thus increasing power. Since its -7 in Minneapolis, all the air entering is going to be cold regardless of it being a stock air box or an aftermarket setup.

Forge claims a 9hp increase over stock. Of course, I haven’t tested this but I can say that my butt dyno feels a little more kick. Again, it’s -7 outside, but the surge wasn’t there with the stock setup when I press the gas pedal.

One great benefit of the intake is the increased engine sounds. You can really hear the turbo and wastegate opening and closing now The flutter sounds pretty awesome! 

I’m really anxious to get out on the roads at highway speeds to see if what I’m feeling for power is true or not. At least, the engine sounds and looks when I open the hood, make me smile.

Stock vs Forge intake installed