Forge Intercooler

Its no secret, if you want to go faster its air in and air out. With turbos, it is also vital to get cold air into the engine to go fast. Installing the huge intercooler from Forge will do just that!

I have known for a while that adding additional power will cause heat and Mini’s are prone to overheating so the last part of my Stage 1 build was to replace the stock intercooler with a new, bigger one.

I decided to go with the intercooler from Forge Motorsports because they are on the Mini Challenge UK cars and that’s is what my Mini will be once it grows up.

Two things with the intercoolers that surprised me. The first thing was how big the Forge IC was and secondly, how small the stock IC was. No wonder Mini’s overheat, the stock IC is puny! The Forge IC is literally the size of two stock intercoolers.

From Forge’s site: Our core offers a 63% increase in frontal area over stock and a correspondingly large increase in volume of 57% I found a great article snippet on why its vital for cooler air in turbo setups:

Temperature and air density

As air temperature increases, the density of the air, and the amount of oxygen it holds decreases. This means that the turbocharger has to work harder, spin faster and compress more air to produce the same amount of boost it would at lower temperatures.

As the temperatures inside the turbocharger get higher, the turbocharger can no longer increase it’s speed efficiently, meaning that knock on effect of this is that engine performance, acceleration, and top speed are also reduced.

In addition, hotter air also has a secondary effect on the turbocharger, by naturally increasing the operating temperature inside the turbo. Usually, the intercooler works to cool the air from the hot air intake, but in warmer temperatures, the intercooler becomes less efficient.

This serves to increase the amount of work the turbo has to do, reducing the overall efficiency and performance of your vehicle’s engine.


Basically, cooler air into the engine reduces knock and help the engine run more efficiently, thus increasing power.

With that, my Stage 1 build is done and I couldn’t be happier. The bad thing is that I’m running out of things to do now!