Forge High Flow Intake Hardpipe

High Flow Intake Hardpipe

Air in, air out, that is the simple way to get more power so I was very excited to install the Forge high flow intake hardpipe after reading about the increased airflow with this replacement.

I am amazed at how many places Mini has tried to restrict the airflow in the F56 (and I’m sure previous) design. I can count at least three places to impede airflow on the stock F56; up pipe, downpipe, mid-pipe, and exhaust. Add one more place to the list, the stock intake pipe, yep, another resonator.

Forge high flow intake hardpipe
Forge intake pipe and stock pipe

The huge bulge on the stock pipe is yet another place to impede air flow. It also made the install a little more difficult than the instructions described it as. Without the help from my friend (again) hadjiikong from NAM, this install probably wouldn’t have happened.

Stock setup

Overall, the instructions are pretty straight forward. The pipe is pretty accessible once you unplug a few things (clamp on the turbo inlet, blow-by heater, two wire connections, and two plugs) but then the fun starts. Trying for over three hours to get the stock pipe out almost killed me the night before.

No matter how I pushed, pulled, rotated, cussed or thought, the huge resonator or the hard elbows hit everything. The pipe either hit the firewall or the top of the fuel pump. I was literally at the point where I was going to Dremel it in half!

Thankfully, my friend offered to come up to help and after removing the entire front cowling including the windshield wipers, battery cover, trim, etc… we got the stock pipe out!

panels removed to get the stock pipe out
Panels and wipers removed to get the stock pipe out

The picture shows what we had to remove get the stock pipe out. Still with all this out, the bulge hit the fuel pump! After one good pull on the firewall, it flexed enough to get the stock pipe out! RELIEF!

Thank you hadjiikong!

With everything out, installing the new Forge hardpipe was easy, it dropped right in and all the connection points lined up. All that was left was to install the blow-by heater, turbo C-Clamp, connect wires and put the intake back on. The last step, of course, was to re-install all the panels we had to take off.

Forge High Flow Intake Hardpipe Installed
Finished product!

The larger diameter of the Forge pipe is very noticeable. It’s a one-piece aluminum design so there isn’t anything to restrict the airflow from the intake to the turbo. With the resonator is gone, the turbo sounds should increase a bit. That is an added benefit of the Forge High Flow Intake Hardpipe.