Forge Adjustable Rear Tie Bars

The more rubber on the ground, the better traction a car has, it’s common sense. The stock Mini setup is very limited in camber adjustment so I installed the Forge Adjustable Rear Tie Bars and solved that problem!

Forge Adjustable Rear Tie Bars
Rear tie bar comparison, Forge vs. Stock

The picture doesn’t do these tie bars justice. My first impression after holding the stock bar was “how did I ever race with this setup?” The stock tie bars as so flimsy it is hard to explain until you hold them and compare them with the Forge rear bars.

The stock setup is light, but that isn’t a good thing. These components take a lot of abuse so they need to be strong. The Forge Adjustable Rear Tie Bars were designed for the Mini UK Challenge cars so they are incredibly strong and “beefy”.

The rear tie bars are adjustable with a simple rotation and then locked down with two slip nuts. This allows for fine tuning stance and more importantly, camber. These little adjustments will definitely get all the rubber down on the track.

Forge described the benefit of these bars perfectly: “If you ignore the obvious benefits of reducing uneven tire wear and improving the tire surface contact area, the ability to adjust the geometry allows the fine-tuning that helps produce faster lap times and race winners. Compared to the OEM installation, you find that the tram lining feel disappears and the turn in is far crisper.”

As an added bonus, the bars come installed with race (black) bushings from PowerFlex already installed. I drove around for an hour or so and I am pretty amazed how stiff the back of the car feels.

Next step is to get an alignment and corner balance then it will be time to race!