Eventuri Intake System

I love my Mini, there is no question about that but there is one thing that bugs me about it, a non-functioning hood scoop. Eventuri, a UK based company, solved that problem with their intake system and functioning hood scoop!

Coming from the Subaru world, the hood scoop was everything. Other than a front mount intercooler, it was the easiest way to get air into the engine. More air in, more power the car gets. I still don’t understand why Mini has a blocked hood scoop. Thankfully, the intake I installed solved that!

At first sight, I knew the pictures online didn’t do this intake justice. It is simply beautiful. All the components, minus the MAR pipe, are wet carbon fiber. Carbon is a great material for engine components because it is strong and isn’t prone to heat soak like aluminum components are.

I had the Forge intake before this and it was fine and would still be in my Mini but I really wanted to utilize the scoop. Eventuri’s horsepower claim is an 8-15hp increase over stock. The torque increase is what caught my eye, 15-25ft lbs. Forge doesn’t list their torque numbers but the horsepower is an 8-12 increase. I’m curious what my tune would increase that number too.

Installation was pretty straightforward. Since I already had the stock intake out the install was pretty fast. I was surprised that the inlet and the filter piece just pressed together. There weren’t any screws or connector pieces, they just pressed into each other and the seal was formed. I was a little concerned that the seal wasn’t going to be tight but after you tighten down everything, those pieces aren’t moving!

The only part of the install that was tricky was the new hood scoop. There were six little press pins that were a pain in the butt to get out. The last thing I wanted to do was to break a head off and it goes into the hood and rattles forever. I ended up breaking three off and was able to use needlenose pliers to get them out …. whew. After that, just press the new scoop in and shut the hood!

Eventually, I will get it out on the road to really test it. It is winter in Minnesota and I still have my summer tires on so a road test might have to wait for a few weeks until the sun gets out. In the meantime, here is a sound clip ………… it’s pretty awesome!

Before and after shot:

Timelapse video of the install: