CravenSpeed Short Throw Shifter

This shifting was something I have done to every manual car I’ve ever had, install a short throw shifter. I installed the awesome adjustable one from CravenSpeed.

I was never a big fan, ok, hated, how tall the stock shifting setup was. It felt like I was shifting a NASCAR at times. The range of height adjustment for the new setup is pretty amazing. I have it set to its lowest level and it is perfect. I can’t imagine ever raising it, but If I needed to, then you just unscrew a collar, pull up and screw it down to lock it. Pretty simple. 

You don’t realize how sloppy and how big the range of shifting travel is on the stock setup until you get a new shifter. This shifter reduces travel drastically! I don’t think my shift knob goes past the diameter of the little shift circle housing. I don’t know the exact travel reduction but I’m guessing its about 30-40%.
One underrated feature of the new shifter is the supplied bushings. Those are a must install. They eliminate the loose sloppy feeling found in the stock shifter. When I shift it almost feels like a magnet is pulling the lever into gear. The slop and delay are gone when you shift between gears giving me a clean and accurate shift. 
Overall, besides lowering springs/coilovers and a rear sway bar, this is definitely a “must do Mini mod”. The shifter is one of the most used parts in a Mini so might as well give feel back to the driver. The CravenSpeed adjustable short throw shifter does just that. 
Yes, the Mini is a go-kart already, but now its really a go-kart!!