Good-Bye Ugly Wheel Gap!

I’ve had my Mini close to a year now and ever since day 1 that horrible wheel gap bothered me. I finally had enough and got her lowered with a Bilstein B14 coilover setup.

Further Performance in Minneapolis did a very professional job of installing my Bilstein B14 coilovers and also my NM 22mm rear sway bar and end links. 
The slop in the steering wheel is instantly gone. When I turn, it turns, there is no more delay.
With the soft sidewalls of my winter setup, it is really hard to get a true sense of what the coilovers and swaybar will mean to handling but I’m pretty excited about the results so far. 
Once I get my summer rims and wheels on I will lower the rear a little bit more. Then drive the heck out of it!

Before shots on the left, after shots on the right