Byte Tronik Stage 2 Tune

I flashed the stage 2 tune from Byte Tronik and I am amazed at the power my car puts out now. Mini has always tried to market the cars as a go-kart but unlocking the real power of the ECU really makes the car a go-kart. When you press the pedal, you can tell this car wants to go. It’s a very nice build of power.

In the past, you had to take your ECU out, send it to them, then reinstall it. Not anymore. All you have to do to get the tune is connect to your OBD2 port, run the program, and flash away. The whole process took about 10 minutes to flash.

These are the attributes the flash changed:

  • Raised Speed limiter (VMAX)
  • Optimum torque optimized
  • Race Start (Launch Control) start temperature modified
  • Target Lamda optimized
  • Target torque optimized
  • Clutch torque optimized
  • Schubblurbben (burble) parameters optimized for more bangs & pop
  • Fuel Pressure raised

Eventually, I am going to get my Mini on a dyno to get the true HP numbers. The tune claims around 260hp and 300lb of torque. My goal is to hit 270hp. I am pretty sure I have enough supporting mods to do that but of course, until you get it on the dyno, it’s all guestimates.

I think the limiting factor could be the stock downpipe. Its a mess, and actually, all the cars I modded, the downpipe always seems to be the crutch. They bend it in weirs angles and throw a catalytic converter on it to slow the air flow even more.

Mini’s, in particular, is really ugly, it literally bends in a 90-degree angle so I’m sure it is choking the air flow.

Link to Byte Tronik –