Byte Tronik Rearview Mirror Camera

We all know Byte Tronik is being some of the best ecu flashable tunes out there, so I was very excited when they reached out and asked me if I’d be interested in testing their new rearview mirror camera.

The initial pictures were pretty awesome, the camera basically mounted on the rearview mirror with a modified base. The best part, it connects and is powered by the OBD port so no splicing of wires!

I am a huge fan of easy installs and having installed various gauges over the year, I knew that the cable could be run through the A-pillar and tucked into the headliner so that is where I started. Trust me, I still get scared seeing that airbag exposed and right by my head.

Yes, that is the airbag.

The next panel I removed was the one right above the hood release latch. You can then see the path to run the cord up to the pillar and then to the headliner.

Now that I had the cord hidden, it was time to install the camera base. First, the OEM housing around the mirror is two pieces. All you need to do is pull them apart…. that’s it. The new housing with the camera is the same way, two pieces.

After they are separated, just line the tabs up in the base, with the holes in the mirror and press the two halves together. Yes ….. it really is that easy.

There is an iPhone app to control the camera (here is the link) that is WiFi based so just connect to the address the camera gives and it is paired. All the video recording, picture saving and deleting is done via that app. The camera takes a max 32gb mico storage card.

There are a bunch of in-app settings to customize the camera; select the video resolution (up to 1080!), the frequency of recording, motion detection, etc… I am impressed with the number of options that are in the app.As you can see, the picture is great! Hopefully, I never need to use the footage it records but I am ready if needed! It would be great for track days though!