BimmerCode App – Rear Fogs Coded To Be Brake Lights

I decided to play with the BimmerCode App a little more and was able to code my inactive rear fog lights to act as another pair of brake lights!

I have no clue why Mini doesn’t have this option enabled but with a simple code change, the dormant foglights are alive!  Whats wrong with adding more of a safety feature? I mean the lights are already there doing nothing.

The BimmerCode App is a very handy application. I have it on my iPad because the last thing I want is to get a phone call when its coding something. It’s really “hard” to screw up coding with this app. Now, with that being said, you could activate a code that does nothing and have to go back and change it. It is a little nerve racking though.

Additional lights on for safety!

Code lights with the BimmerCode App

Here is the location to code the fogs to be brake lights (expert mode in BimmerCode):

3065 LceLampMapping4, ED Funktionen
Switch to this option – nsl_l (this is the rear fog light choice)

You need to do this for right and left. Above is for left,
For RHS just change the l to r