Belt-Line De Chrome

Mini has stock in chrome and chrome accessories, I know it. All the Mini’s look great but the silver is way too much. With a few hours and some leftover vinyl, I set out to cover all the chrome on my Mini.

No more silver!

I had access to some gloss black 1080 vinyl and cut them into 3/4″ strips. After I cleaned and washed my Mini to remove any grease and winter fun and installed the vinyl.

With my limited vinyl shop experience, it just is a matter of patience, heat and a sharp blade. 

All the corners were heated pretty well since I was asking the vinyl to make a few bends that weren’t natural. The heat will activate the glue faster making it stick better.

Next up were the taillight surrounds. There was little excitement to try and bend vinyl around flat and curved corners, but again, patience and heat and they turned out great.

The door handle overlays were from The look and fit great. All you do is take off the cover of the double stick tape and press them onto the handle.
They did have blackout tape available but I liked the challenge of using the Dinoc vinyl I had leftover.