Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tires

I have finally had enough of the stock run flat tires my Mini came with. I swapped them out with a new set of Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires and I am amazed at how quiet and better handling my Mini is now! Plus, being born in Ohio, the Firestone plant was about 15 minutes […]

Rear Seat Delete Kit

Since I bought my Mini, I think I’ve had people in the back seat twice in two years. My seats were always down and my golf clubs were always in the car. I found a rear seat delete kit and decided this was the way to go, get rid of some weight and seats! The […]

Remus Sport Exhaust

Ever since I created my Frankenstein exhaust setup, I never liked how it sounded. I knew I didn’t want any catalytic converters or resonators impeding air flow, but I just could get past how bad the exhaust sounded, especially around the 4-5k RPM mark. Enter the Remus Sport Exhaust! I knew how incredible the Remus systems were from my […]

Byte Tronik Rearview Mirror Camera

We all know Byte Tronik is being some of the best ecu flashable tunes out there, so I was very excited when they reached out and asked me if I’d be interested in testing their new rearview mirror camera. The initial pictures were pretty awesome, the camera basically mounted on the rearview mirror with a modified […]

Rear Spoiler Install

I was never a fan of the stock spoiler that came on my Mini. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of options for aftermarket spoilers out there. I really wanted something that looked like last years spoilers on the Mini UK Challenge cars. I finally found one on eBay of all places. As much as I […]

Forge Intercooler

Its no secret, if you want to go faster its air in and air out. With turbos, it is also vital to get cold air into the engine to go fast. Installing the huge intercooler from Forge will do just that! I have known for a while that adding additional power will cause heat and […]

Quiet Once Again

I can finally say that the jet engine is out of my car. I like jets, I like engines, I don’t like my Mini sounding like a jet engine though! I recently had an awesome Milltek catless downpipe installed (read about it here) and needless to say, my Mini sounded like a jet engine when I […]

Milltek Catless Downpipe

I love Milltek products and I knew which downpipe I wanted to install to finish my stage one build; the Milltek catless downpipe. With the downpipe installed I am officially cat free. My midpipe is a Milltek catless/resonator free midpipe as well. It is ridiculous how big the stock downpipe is from Mini. Pair that with the 90 […]

Rennline Pedals

Rennline Pedals

I’ve had my eye on the Rennline pedal set for some time now. The pedal set is designed to raise the accelerator pedal up so it is parallel to the brake and clutch pedal, making heel/toe shifting easier. I am not saying I’m going to be racing anytime soon and need to Heel/Toe but it is something […]

Traction Control Settings

ELDC, DSC, DTC, what the heck do all these traction control settings mean? When I first got my Mini, I had no clue about the different traction control settings and the manual wasn’t the best resource so I wanted to explain the different settings so it helps other Mini owners out! The 3 traction control settings: DSC […]

CravenSpeed Hidden Power Adapter

Yes, I need a radar detector but hated how that big lighter plug stuck out. I came across the CravenSpeen Hidden Power Adapter and decided to give it a shot. Basically, it moves the lighter plus to a hidden area. It was cheaper than getting it direct wired. It took some time, but it works! If you […]

Wishlist For Spring

As the thermometer reads -22, I hope winter will end soon. That got me thinking about my Springtime wishlist for mods to my Mini. I have many different directions on which way to go; handling, exhaust, power, appearance etc… Needless to say, it’s a big wishlist! Some mods will be replacements to existing mods I already […]

Byte Tronik Stage 2 Tune

I flashed the stage 2 tune from Byte Tronik and I am amazed at the power my car puts out now. Mini has always tried to market the cars as a go-kart but unlocking the real power of the ECU really makes the car a go-kart. When you press the pedal, you can tell this car […]

Forge Motorsports Intake

  It’s always debatable if cold air intakes work or not. The stock airbox system is a very efficient setup. I had the same thought with installing an intake system as I did with the various support braces I’ve installed lately if it gives me even a 1-2% increase in power, then its worth it. I have always […]

Ultra Racing Front Member Brace Install

I’m never a fan of winter mods, especially a “warm” -3 in Minneapolis, but since I had the day off for Christmas I figured I can get this Ultra Racing front member brace install done before I died of hyperthermia. I never heard of Ultra Racing before, but next thing you know, I’m installing my second brace […]

CravenSpeed Hand Brake Handle

I just installed the mod I never knew I needed. I saw the CravenSpeed handbrake handle on NAM and it looked great. Of all the cars I’ve owned, I never changed my eBrake handle until today. It looks awesome and complements my shift knob perfectly. It literally took me 3 minutes to install the handle. All you […]

BimmerCode App – Rear Fogs Coded To Be Brake Lights

I decided to play with the BimmerCode App a little more and was able to code my inactive rear fog lights to act as another pair of brake lights! I have no clue why Mini doesn’t have this option enabled but with a simple code change, the dormant foglights are alive!  Whats wrong with adding more of a safety feature? I […]

Ultra Racing Strut Bar Installed

I’m a big fan of mods that I can do in under 10 minutes, especially in Minnesota winter! I had a few minutes so I installed my strut bar that I’ve had for a few weeks. Usually, I’m not a fan of companies that I don’t have any experience with, but I really liked the strut bar I bought […]

Let’s Code Some Stuff

Because I have this horrible addiction to always tinker with my Mini I ventured into the world of ECU coding. I resisted for a while because I really didn’t have the time to learn something new. Coding the ECU isn’t something to just rush through so I wanted to do my due diligence in learning before I screwed something up […]

Exhaust Sound Clip

I finally got around to posting a sound clip of my exhaust setup. I’m pleased with the sound but wouldn’t mind it a little louder. I think the cat in the downpipe is really keeping the sound down.  Eventually, that downpipe is going to be replaced with a catless one. Taking off the resonator on the downpipe […]

Powerflex Engine Support Bushing – Race vs. Sport Review

I loved how my Mini felt with the sport (yellow) Powerflex Engine Support Bushing installed, but the second I installed it I kept asking myself what the race support bushing would feel like. To answer that, I bought a race (black) bushing to test and hopefully help anyone else with the same question. Doing my research […]

Powerflex Engine Support Bushing Install

You never realize how much of a difference stiffer bushings make until you change them. Having replaced a few bushings in other cars I’ve had and really liked the results. I haven’t changed any in my Mini yet and after reading about the Powerflex engine support bushing and the benefits I decided to make that […]

Milltek Catless and Resonator Delete Midpipe

My Mini came with the upgraded JCW exhaust so getting a new exhaust was always out of the question. I hated the idea of having two catalytic converters within a foot of each other though. Heck, I hated even having cats but that’s a different story.   One day after looking at some exhaust parts I […]

CravenSpeed Short Throw Shifter

This shifting was something I have done to every manual car I’ve ever had, install a short throw shifter. I installed the awesome adjustable one from CravenSpeed. I was never a big fan, ok, hated, how tall the stock shifting setup was. It felt like I was shifting a NASCAR at times. The range of height adjustment for […]

Good-Bye Ugly Wheel Gap!

I’ve had my Mini close to a year now and ever since day 1 that horrible wheel gap bothered me. I finally had enough and got her lowered with a Bilstein B14 coilover setup. Further Performance in Minneapolis did a very professional job of installing my Bilstein B14 coilovers and also my NM 22mm rear sway […]

Belt-Line De Chrome

Mini has stock in chrome and chrome accessories, I know it. All the Mini’s look great but the silver is way too much. With a few hours and some leftover vinyl, I set out to cover all the chrome on my Mini. No more silver! I had access to some gloss black 1080 vinyl and cut […]

How To Keep Your F56 JCW Tuning Kit Always On

My normal routine every time I started up my Mini was this; turn the car on, turn on my radar detector, switch the mode to Sport and finally press the Bluetooth activator button to open my John Cooper Works tuning exhaust kit on.  It is great to hear the exhaust open up when that button is pressed. […]

The Big Pair

I wanted to buy myself a Christmas present (like I actually need an excuse to buy a car related item) and was torn between The Big Pair chassis brace from Cravenspeed or a strut tower brace. The Big Pair!   My goal was to stiffen the Mini, coming from all-wheel drive cars not having power […]

New Mini Owner

After owning 5 Subarus, (three WRX’s and two STi’s) I made a little bit of a change in going with a Mini Cooper. There was no more excitement with Subaru. I did pretty much everything to them as I could, topping my 2011 STi at 450hp. Time for a change. Being a WRC fan I was […]

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