Forge Intercooler Hard Pipes

Forge hard IC pipes

My next mod in my quest to increase airflow was to install the Forge intercooler hard pipes. These Forge pipes are a little more free-flowing and don’t have some of the restricting designs as the OEM pipes do. A huge thank you to my friend hadjiikong without his help (again) this install wouldn’t have happened. […]

Boost Gauge Installed

Running a custom tune, I needed to install a mechanical boost gauge to get accurate boost numbers. TurboSmart makes a good mechanical boost gauge so I went with that and a boost tap from Forge Motorsports. Multiple apps and gauges can pull the boost readings from the OBD2 port but those are very delayed. Mechanical […]

Wheel Stud Conversion Completed

stud conversion front

Anyone who has had the pleasure of putting wheels back onto a Mini will appreciate the wheel stud conversion I finally completed. I bought the conversion kit and a 20mm rear spacer kit from ECS Tuning. I hated taking off my rims because it is such a pain in the but to get them back […]

Forge Adjustable Rear Tie Bars

The more rubber on the ground, the better traction a car has, it’s common sense. The stock Mini setup is very limited in camber adjustment so I installed the Forge Adjustable Rear Tie Bars and solved that problem! The picture doesn’t do these tie bars justice. My first impression after holding the stock bar was “how did […]

Forge High Flow Intake Hardpipe

High Flow Intake Hardpipe

Air in, air out, that is the simple way to get more power so I was very excited to install the Forge high flow intake hardpipe after reading about the increased airflow with this replacement. I am amazed at how many places Mini has tried to restrict the airflow in the F56 (and I’m sure previous) design. […]

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 and JCW Brembo Upgrade

The Mini UK Challenge cars have been the blueprint for all of my builds. Finally, two upgrades I have been waiting to do for a long time are done. I just upgraded my 2016 F56 Mini Cooper S with Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 rims, JCW Brembo brake upgrade, NM Engineering stainless steel brake lines, […]

Eventuri Intake System

I love my Mini, there is no question about that but there is one thing that bugs me about it, a non-functioning hood scoop. Eventuri, a UK based company, solved that problem with their intake system and functioning hood scoop! Coming from the Subaru world, the hood scoop was everything. Other than a front mount […]

Sparco Chrono Road Seats

With winter just around the corner, I knew my timeline to get my last planned mod done was coming on fast. Like a kid, I saved all my golf course tip money and bought new Sparco Chrono Road seats, mounting brackets and sliders! You can never go wrong with new seats! I always loved Sparco seats and […]